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Your Family

Embrace the chaos

Against all sane advice, I LOVE working with children (and animals!). The more chaotic, the better, because that’s when the real, honest version of your family shines through. I’m not interested in having you all lined up in pristine matching outfits, smiling sweetly. I want the crazy running around and roaring like a lion, I want the new parents laughing hysterically as their week-old baby pees down their arm, I even want the little sibling squabbles and moody faces.

As a mum-of-three myself, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve thought, ‘I wish I could just press pause’. It’s a big old cliché, but before you know it your little ones are all grown up and it’s so easy for all those beautiful, everyday moments to pass you by. Why not let me press that pause button for you and capture your family as they are, right now?

Yes, family shoots are inevitably unpredictable and spontaneous, but that’s the joy of them! l understand that some days children (and adults!) just don’t feel it, but I work hard to create a good bond with you all and we always have plenty of fun!

You can see my family portfolio here.

What to expect

Family Shoots generally work best on location. The setting we use can be somewhere special to you or we can work together to find the ideal spot. If you’re after a Studio-Style Family Shoot, that’s fine too and, depending on space, I can come to you or you can come to me (based in York).

For something bit more all-encompassing, I now offer Your Day, Your Way shoots, where I come to your home and spend 4-5 hours with you just documenting your everyday life. A very relaxed shoot, I’ll capture you playing together, cooking together, doing homework together, eating together – just loving and living your life – your day, your way.  A beautiful way to preserve a unique time in your life.

For Newborn Shoots or Maternity Shoots, flexibility is key, so I always make sure we have plenty of time to capture what we need – I can come to your home or you can come to me (based in York).

I also regularly cover events such as christenings and family parties, as well as nursery/school photography, so feel free to get in touch and enquire about packages for all of the above.

Let’s have a chat, embrace the chaos and go on an adventure together.